Tithing Record

K. Jones                             Mary N Jones

1880                 5.00         1880             .50
1881               59.07         1881             .75
1882               45.05 
1883               36.87
1884               51.62
1885               54.40         1885           2.50
1886               73.63 
1887             101.64
1888               66.85
1889             100.98
1890             119.29
1891               85.82
1892             115.04         1892         17.10
1893               85.45 
1894             134.93 
1895               96.33         1895           6.00
1896               52.57
1897               83.15
1898             291.71
1899             185.32         1899         20.00
1899               12.00
1900             138.63         1900         16.25
1901             205.39         1901         25.60
1902             186.34         1902         28.25
1903             231.53         1903         14.47
1904             156.35         1904         34.37
1905             231.53         1905         34.21
1906             393.90         1906         17.87
1907             345.07         1907         11.15
1908             310.00         1908       109.37
1909             405.77         1909         25.10
1910             321.80         1910         63.20
1911             500.00         1911         31.45
1912             465.50         1912         18.40
1913             345.50         1913         33.25
                    6103.92                       510.79
Average         188.66

Letter written to our son, Leonard K. while on his mission to North Carolina, April 1, 1912

Dear L.K.J. 

While you're away we hope that you may be
True to your trust as pure "Gold Dust" and from ill health be free.
We may not tell, so very well, what father time may hold
For those who "fight" with all their might, with courage strong and bold;

But this we know, we will not go where lazy pikers land
For that would be a parody on justice even hand.
We know that you will ere be true, to partner, chums, and all
Who've up and went where they've been sent in answer to their "call."

At home all's well, we're pleased to tell and each one works but pa
Expect you've heard, Tom's got his "Bird" and "flown" to north Utah
Likewise they say, that Roy's away with his sweet Isabell,
And who'll come next we're all perplexed, the knowing ones can't tell.

Nice storms have come, the ditch works done, why should we not feel fine?
And thankful be for blessings free come down from One Divine.
We always pray while you're away that you success may win
And that you might, by doing right, win precious souls from sin.

It pleases us to have you thus, engaged in work so grand
Not for a name, nor yet for fame, but filling God's command.
May you keep well and have to tell when you've well served your time
"I did my best, I stood the test" is the prayer of truly thine.

With love and the blessings of the Lord upon you.

From Father

To San Juan Stakes' first sister missionary, Mary Lyman

List for a benison thou sister dear (quite worthy of thy kind
From a home of stalwart workers with faith that's hard to find.)
Depart in peace, a safe return, thou handmaid of the Lord,
From all hearts thy holy calling finds a sympathetic cord.

Keep cool dear maid and patient be, for thus tis best you know
It is the Lord who gives the seed, and He that makes it grow.
For we are but the instruments, and if our hearts tuned right
All men are left without excuse, and our own skirts made white.

Don't worry, but be brave and strong, and you'll be made to see
The one great power that will "make goal" is brave humility.
God bless you sister Mary, may His love sustain all way
In health of body and of mind and peace both night and day.

And may the "Talents" you've been given so graciously from Heaven
Be used with all our mission band, the big wide world to leaven.

Written for Mother's Day 1913 Bluff Utah

Of all the friends we have on Earth, there's one that is the best
They all have found their limit, she alone has stood the test.
Alone Her love remains the same, faithful, pure and true
And calls from us the homage this day that is Her due.

If earthly things are typical of our future home elsewhere
For science, nature, reason, says we have a mother there.
Else why this family order established by command
Of our Eternal Father and decreed by Him to stand.

Tis the father and the mother, who count one unto the Lord
And no sophistry may dodge this, if we heed the sacred word.
We sing of childhood memories, of things we hold so dear
Of "Old Home" and it's surroundings, of times that brot you cheer

Of neighbors, chums, and schoolmates we call back with delight
Of teachers, kind and loving who taught us wrong from right.
But while we give these homage, in memories sacred thot
They all are doomed to second place, they don't quite reach the spot

And this is why we meet here, and doff our hats and say
God bless all noble mothers, give them the right of way.
We'll pluck a twig from honor's branch and twine it round our heart
She's Love Divine personified, in memories sacred shrine.

Copy of Biographical Report requested by L.D.S. Church History 47 E.S.T. [East South Temple] Salt Lake City in 1933. "Fill out and return with your photograph."

"Name in full" Kumen Jones
"Date & place of birth" Cedar City, Iron County, Utah. May 5, 1856
"Fathers Name" Thomas Jones
"Mother's Maiden Name" Sage Treharne
"Date of Baptism" May 1865 "By Whom" Richard R. Birkbeck

"Ordination to Priesthood:" Deacon, Teacher, Priest. No record at hand for ordination in the lesser priesthood. "Elder" 19 December 1878 by J.D.T. McAllister at St. George, Utah. "Ordained H.P. [High Priest] Sept 2, 1880, by Erastus Snow an Apostle at Bluff, Utah.

Set apart as second counsilor[sp] to Bishop Jens Nielson, Sept 2, 1880 at Bluff Utah.
Set apart as first counsilor to Bishop Jens Nielson Feb 26, 1882 by Brigham Young Jr.

Ordained patriarch, May 21, 1908 by Geo. Albert Smith at Bluff for San Juan Stake.

Set apart as 1st counsilor to Bp. L.H. Redd Jan{?} 1904 at Bluff
Ordained Bishop and set apart to preside at Bluff Ward by Apostle Geo. F. Richards November 13, 1910.
Released as Bishop Bluff Ward 1920 on account of failing health and joined my family at Blanding, Utah where they had previously moved.

My Yoke is Easy and my Burden is Light.

Father Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

If you forgive men their trespasses, I will forgive you your trespasses.

Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them.

Upon this hangs all the law and the prophets.

And what doth the Lord require of you but to deal justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.


I commend my favorite Life Insurance plan for safe assistance. 
It is the oldest and strongest and safest company in existance.
It has scored some fine successes in storied annals of the past
And will continue paying dividends just as long as time shall last.

For it's President, Our Savior will always take command
With the noble of the ages that have stood at his right hand.
It was organized before this earth in its present form was laid
Its finantial [financial] program Heaven planned in God's own wisdom made.

Bluff School

It will cost some money to establish an Indian School at Bluff, Utah. But can a location be found that will fill the bill any other place. The present location at Allan Canyon has proven unsatisfactory to all concerned. There may be 800 to 1000 acres reclaimed from the ravages of the San Juan River and made secure without the cost being prohibitive with modern machinery and by using Indian labor for the unskilled part and that will reduce the "dole" problem, which otherwise will need caring for.

A school located at or near Bluff will care for all children of the northwestern part of the reserve, as now enlarged by the "Utah Strip" being added and care for all children. It will settle peacably "The ever present Pahute question" and assist in bringing civilization in to San Juan County Utah without soldiers.

It will give the Indian Department an opportunity of coming across with their part of the program that was decided upon and agreed to several years ago after going over the whole situation by Mr Harris {?} and party for the Indian Depot and Congressman Don B. Colton and party for Utah. The way the matter stands at present the Department of Indian Affairs have taken over the "Utah Strip" and have gone ahead improving the same and Utah is left holding the "bag."

We think the property at Bluff may be purchased at a reasonable figure. Concessions were made by Utah north of San Juan River for pasture for Indian stock. 

We understand that the whole arrangement as to the Utah Strip was more or less a sort of "Gentlemen's agreement" as the land belonged to our Government and in case the government wished to be arbitrary they could have gone ahead and taken the land. But it should be remembered that the state and county in co-operation with stockmen have spent a lot of money and labor and had used the ranges enough to establish a "prior right" which has always been more or less respected by the Forest service and all thru pioneering experience from the beginnings.

One item that all will agree to and that the plentious supply of pure water for domestic use at Bluff, 98 percent pure according to tests of the Utah experts and one percent of that is magnesium an essential element in fact a medicinal factor necessary and important.

We expect agents, government employees, to not let their private differences and scapping for promotion, interfere with important matters such as is being attempted to be put over, the Allan Canyon and the Bluff Indian school, etc. Let's go and get down to business. Some engineer that will outline a plan and put over the Indian school at Bluff, Utah will place himself in line to receive credit and honor while "Time shall last and immortality endures." This I predict in all humility.

K. Jones

The hand of providence has been made manifest in the preservation of the pioneers of Bluff, from the different Indian tribes of renegades whom have made San Juan county their hideout for many years and in addition did bless and prosper them financially and spiritually so long as they remained and worked together. That was nearly forty years.

The Record

The Bluff ecclesiastical ward had a better tithing and fast offering record in the Mormon church. Had more missionaries out subscribed for more church papers and periodicals, temple donations, for temple building and running expenses.

Transcribed from the original writing with minimal editing (formatted by Roberta and David Merrill). May 1992.
Original in possession of Doris Mae Alexander in Blanding, Utah